About Ethylene Oxide/
El óxido de etileno (EtO)

Ethylene Oxide is a human carcinogen. This chemical causes cancer in humans. Scientific evidence in humans indicates that exposure to EtO for many years increases the risk of cancers of the white blood cells, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia, and breast cancer.

About Clean Air Laredo Coalition

Our Coalition is comprised of parents, elected officials, nonprofits, and concerned community members who seek to address elevated cancer risks in our city by removing ethylene oxide from the air that we breathe.
Media Advisory
PERI School Air Toxics
Letter to EPA - Oct. 24, 2021Laredo EtO Report - Nov. 2021Reporte de Óxido de Etileno en Laredo - Nov. 2021
Top Emitters of EtO in the U.S.EPA National Air Toxics Assessment for Laredo, TXEPA Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators Model for Laredo, TXTop Emitters of EtO in the U.S.EtO Timeline by the Chicago Tribune
The Climate Clock deadline shows how long we have left until our carbon budget runs out, given the amount of carbon we continue to emit globally.

The clock will continue to run down until it hits zero, at which time our carbon budget would be depleted and the likelihood of devastating global climate impacts would be very high. We must take action to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions toward zero as quickly as possible within this critical time window for action.
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