President Biden: It’s time to tackle methane!

The White House is currently reviewing an updated draft EPA methane rule, and we are calling on President Biden to publish the draft rule as soon as possible to protect communities and our climate as soon as possible.

To protect our climate and communities we need to slash methane pollution. Raise your voice by signing our below petition to urge the President to take immediate action!
“It’s time to tackle methane!”
Dear President Biden,

We are running out of time to act on climate and protect public health. Thankfully, cutting methane pollution from oil and gas operations is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways we can slow the rate of climate change now, and keep our air clean and safe to breathe.

We were encouraged to learn that EPA has submitted a rule to the Office of Management and Budget to address methane and other harmful air pollution from new and existing oil and gas operations. We need your administration to publish the draft rule as soon as possible to protect our communities and climate.

Families are counting on a strong and comprehensive methane rule to address the gaps in last year’s proposed rule, including:

Requiring regular inspections at high-polluting small wells with leak-prone equipment and eliminating pollution from routine flaring, both of which are outsized sources of methane emissions;
Committing to community monitoring programs and working to incorporate data generated by community groups; and
Including a requirement to use equipment that does not emit pollution at well sites such as pneumatics.

Please ensure that strong methane rules are proposed as soon as possible to protect public health and climate, there is no time to waste.
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